15 European professional detailers created an opportunity in the market of paint coatings and automotive finishes while combining;

Intensive studies on existing products and A – grade raw – materials.

Formulations that have been developed in close cooperation with professional R&D Labs and engineers from one of the leading european institutes on paints, coatings and finishes.

All formulations have been tested and finetuned by ourselves and professional detailers in application, appearance and durability in real life.

Modern, safe and environment - friendly production – and packaging facilities.

Realistic market – research that puts the end – customer (the driver) in 1st place, always!

Based on the above key – notes, during the last years of development and market – research we created our position as a new player in these exciting applications that enhance (almost) all automotive paint.


With this in perspective you can conclude we want to achieve happiness. And N-XTC is our synonym for happiness when it comes down to Quartz Coatings and Finishes.

Want to know more about us and all about the N-XTC? Then contact your nearest N-XTC installer and ask all you want, we’re here to support your needs and are excited to show what professional paint correction and N-XTC Quartz Coatings and Finishes can do for your car, bike or truck to protect it against all elements of everyday life.

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