Protect your investment with paint protection film
Xpel Paint Protection Film (PPF) is known for quality, in everything they can. From raw materials to production, from design to distribution and from cutting patterns to the application on any car.

What is paint protection film
Paint protection film is a transparent polyurethane film to be applied on painted finishes to protect against scratches, dents, swirls and damages caused by debris, rocks, bird droppings and other elements.

The Xpel difference
All Xpel films and patterns are hand drawn, measured and tested. Xpel Ultimate is equipped with elastomeric polymer technology that can heal itself from scratches and swirls within minutes. Our design software is customizable and precise for the perfect coverage and application. All Xpel products will protect your investment with best durability, performance, appearance and quality. Xpel products are installed by qualified professionals who followed extensive training programmes in end to have paint protection film installed correct.

In real life
Stones, road debris, bug splatter and bird droppings can damage painted surfaces. A lot can be fixed or touched up but it will never be in the flawless original condition when new. Xpel paint protection film works as an invisible layer of protection on your painted surface. Xpel paint protection film is energy absorbent and computer cut to fit perfect on your car. Xpel is removable when needed and gives your car protection without peeling, cracking, yellowing and blistering that can happen with less – advanced films.