As a licensed installer you have exclusive access to the N-XTC Quartz line of products for professional detailing.
N-XTC Quartz products have all been built up from scratch, tested in real – life and with this these products perform exactly as we confirm they will. We only work professional and with this the only way to move forward is to be straight up as from day 1, and that means living up to our agreements and built trust. N-XTC Quartz Coatings are hard, tested and offer proven quality that is used on over a 1000 cars in 7 countries.

We believe in being straight forward, and with being part of #nxtcfamily you only pay for the Installer Certification Training and for the products you purchase. Learning from the past 14 years in the detailing – industry we dislike subscriptions with hidden fees for agreements that don’t work. N-XTC is pushing hard and letting our quality products speak for themselves, the results go word – to – mouth and new leads are being shared  for FREE with the nearest Installer. Why? Because we sincerely think this is the way forward and 55 certified Installers in 7 countries trust in shared success.

As we do the best we can in our Training – sessions it can occur you have certain questiions while being at the job. With deep product – knowledge of our quartz coatings and 14 years experience in professional detailing you can rely on support on product, application and marketing.

The #nxtcfamily is being tight together with modern communication platforms on Instagram, Whatsapp and email. There is always an experienced detailer that will help you answering a specific question fast.  
N-XTC Quartz is equipped with a hypermodern detailing studio where we can help, support and train you to the best in our location in The Netherlands. 1st fact, there is no “better” glass coating / ceramic coating or quartz coating; they all share silica as raw material for protection that dries as a transparent layer. Formulations vary in content % of raw materials that results in “thinner” or “thicker” coatings. N-XTC Quartz is honest about this from day 1, we don’t do miracles, we provide you with knowledge to make professional work happen and be successful, that’s what counts for your customer and with that for the N-XTC brand.


Topnotch detailing products for automotive (paint) protection with performance that lasts! All products are backed up with lab and field tests and up to date Material Safety Data Sheets in English, German, French and Dutch language. (more upon request) Marketing support that provides logos, banners etc etc (also customizable).. Social Media presence.

We offer a unique online Vehicle Registration System that registers detailing – jobs finished with N-XTC Quartz paint protection. With this you can register your customer’s vehicle, your customers get’s a confirmation from the approved warranty per email and from time to time you can connect with your customer online for professional customer relationship management. N-XTC Quartz offers exclusive warranty cards that go with your customer, so no more unesthetic “stickers / decals” in the doorjamb.

We offer high – quality mercahndise as brochures, banners, shirts, stickers and many more cool gear that make N-XTC Quartz stand out. Find us at large exhibitions like the Essen Motor Show in Germany where we meet and greet with customers and #nxtcfamily Installers. Do you need digital content? Our colleague Jordy helps you with photo and video content that you can share with your following on Social Media.

Do you write CRAFTMANSHIP in CAPITALS in sanding, polishing, finishing and detailing?
Do you search for detailing products and coatings with performance that lasts?  
Do you have experience with professional detailing and with the use of quartz coatings.
Do you have a fully equipped detailing studio and do you value it to be clean and well organized?


Bastien Raynaud from PISTA Detailing / Chemical Guys France / N-XTC France

1. Who is Bastien Raynaud?
I’m a French guy. I am 29 years old and have a detail workshop near Disneyland Paris Since 2018. I represent Chemical Guys in France and N-XTC with my team

2. Why did you start your company?
I wanted to change my life. I was working for a big company and everything’s going fine but I miss something and I needed a challenge. Cars and detailing are my passion. I was young (I’m still young ahaha) so I take my chance and built my company in car industry with success until now to do what I want.

3. How do you see professional detailing?
This is big question. The Detailing industry is in expansion in France with a lot of new players. It’s difficult to find a place in the middle of everybody but like everywhere. If you make a good job, you can progress and grow.

4. Why do you enjoy working with N-XTC Quartz?
Simply because it’s the best product in the market at this time. I’m a detailing trainer in the biggest French Detailing training Center so I can test a lot of product, a lot of ceramic coating and for the moment. N-XTC is the best. The self-healing is a massive asset for us. It helps us to find new customers everyday and the N-XTC One represent a very smart development.

5. How do you see the future?
Still in place with a bigger workshop simply. Obviously, I hope to run a huge N-XTC Network.

Bart Philippens from Custom Car Cleaning

1. Who is Bart Philippens?
From my personality someone who actually always likes to keep everything neat, tidy and clear. After all, it is better in fresh shoes, a room that is tidy gives more peace and a car that is perfectly sparkling in the sun is much more fun to get off and enjoy a drive than one where your mood is ruined by a dull appearance, cleaning circles in the sun or a filthy interior.

2. Why did you start your company?
Some people are born entrepreneurs and know exactly how they want to build a company from the ground up, but actually I literally entered entrepreneurship from a hobby that got out of hand. When the driver's license and the first car came into possession in 1999, perhaps more wax was applied than petrol was put in the tank. One thing led to another and more and more was bought, tried, compared and if something could and existed better, then it had to go along and then those techniques had to be mastered. One thing led to another and after 8 - 9 years of "hobby", training, experiences at home and abroad and cars of acquaintances, friends, neighbors of neighbors, etc. Custom Car Cleaning was created in January 2008. And although this has also become better, bigger, more beautiful and more professional over the years, the work itself fortunately still feels like a hobby.

3. How do you see professional detailing?
As a positive and as a negative thing. It is great that this relatively new branch of sport has emerged to enormously upgrade the quality compared to the conventional well-known cleaning work and to actually offer people something that seriously benefits both the car and the owner. It really adds value both economically and emotionally. After all, that should also be the guideline of the service. The negative is that, but that is with any kind of craft by the way, the threshold is quite low to start a business. After all, you can get started with a nice website and limited investment. But it takes so much more knowledge, experience and technology to be able to carry out this work professionally and that is where things often go wrong in practice.

4. Why do you enjoy working with N-XTC Quartz?
I personally like the transparency and the honest story. No cowboy stories and exaggerated marketing to customers who promise the impossible, but a really good product with the right support, service and substantiation. Also that there is a selective look at the installers in order to continue to fully guarantee the quality.

From the product itself for the properties in terms of gloss, reflection, durability and effective layer that is formed on the paint. It actually delivers what it promises and has proven itself here in the workshop several times over the years

5: How do you see the future?
It is always difficult to predict which turns things take that you have no control over. From our own perspective and for Custom Car Cleaning, we continue to continue on a trusted footing. Never had the intention to become the largest in size and I still think it is important to be in control myself. Over the years, a solid network has been built up with the same passionate 'professionals' who support us with ancillary activities to perform in our workshop and thus make our service (s) even more complete. after this has been detailed with us or the removal of any parking dents before our activities actually start.After a long search, we have, in fact, recently found a reliable partner who will install and take care of our XPEL "paint protection films". not much will change, but we never sit still in terms of options and services and that will only continue to grow in the coming years.

Patrick Keybeck from PK Automotive Detailing

1. Who is Patrick Keybeck?
Hello, I am Patrick I am the owner of Pk automotive in Maasmechelen and importer of N-XTC coatings in Belgium.

2. Why did you start your company?
I founded my company about 3 years ago because I always had a strong (correct word?) Passion for all detailing related matters, having graduated as a bodybuilder, the bridge between quite small and a nice addition.

3. How do you see professional detailing?
I set the bar extremely high in professional detailing, quality certainly comes above quantity, each car is unique and has its own story. In this way, after an extensive intake conversation with the customer, it can be carefully determined which work must be carried out in order to achieve an excellent result. After a good result has been achieved, it is at least as important to to maintain this result as long as possible by means of paint protection. 

4. Why do you enjoy working with N-XTC Quartz?
In my own company I have searched a lot and a long time for a good manufacturer of paint protection, so I ended up at n-xtc. After 2 years of intensive use of this coating line and receiving a lot of positive feedback from my clientele, n-ecstasy has become an indispensable pawn for me in running my business, quality over quantity!

5: How do you see the future?
For the future of the car industry I see an increasing demand for paint protection, car manufacturers have to comply with increasingly strict environmental laws and standards, this does not benefit the end quality and durability of these cars, so as the years go on As I progress, I see paint protection becoming an increasingly important "must". Of course we at n-xtc do not stand still and we continue to innovate in order to always be able to meet the high requirements that are demanded and desired by our 50+ installers.