What is N-XTC Quartz?

N-XTC Quartz is a liquid gel – kind of product engineered for car paint protection which gets hard after professional installation. When hardness is reached it protects car paint against oxidation and damaging (all-in its own perspectives). When any car is new it looks stunning, but when any car is in use on a daily basis these stunning looks will get less over time. The weather, oxidation, road salt, insects, marring and swirls all leave their spots behind on any cars paint. To protect your car against these harmful influences we present to you N-XTC Quartz!

How does it work?
N-XTC Quartz requires precise working methods only offered by trained and certified installers. Currently N-XTC Quartz cooperates with 40 installers in 6 countries who can offer you the exclusive N-XTC Quartz paint protection. N-XTC Quartz is a long lasting paint protection system with a proven track record of 36 months and counting… Self-speaking any car paint needs to be cleaned, polished and prepared perfectly before N-XTC Quartz can be applied. N-XTC Quartz can be installed with more layers to create improved gloss, deepness and offers filling ability on micro scratches. Installing N-XTC Quartz requires a certain timeframe, in general detailing upfront and installing N-XTC Quartz takes minimum 3 working days. The N-XTC Quartz installers are happy to advise you in detail to do the work as good as possible, please note that quality always comes first.

N-XTC Quartz offers you a unique online vehicle registration service. In this we can intake your car and save all data of your cars appearance in our database including the N-XTC Quartz installation. Your car receive updates and photos of the installation process and your N-XTC Quartz warranty will be activated and confirmed to you. Over this online platform we can keep on servicing you over time and add the work to be done in the N-XTC Quartz database. This is the key to build up track record on your vehicle(s) that will gain trust over time. Like mechanical work is being documented and registered, N-XTC Quartz believes in registering appearance, protection, detailing and restoration too.

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What do you notice in everyday life?
- Improved water repellency
- Improved oxidation repellency (self-cleaning effect)
- Any paint color will get more gloss and deepness
- Paint gets more scratch resistance wit so called self-healing properties)
- Improved UV protection. 
- Support and service that don’t end after the car is returned to you. 
  N-XTC Quartz Installers are always ready where and when you need.

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Any other questions, ideas or suggestions, call N-XTC on +31-(0)546-456716 or send an e-mail to info@n-xtc.com