N-XTC.com - N_SC4D_70, The N-XTC Sync. Quartz Coat 4D is a product with low VOC and without solvent.

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N-XTC Sync. Quartz Coat 4D

The N-XTC Sync. Quartz Coat 4D is a product with low VOC and  without solvent. It´s an inorganic - organic hybrid coating developed specifically to bond to painted surfaces to provide extreme longterm protection against everyday use and wear (like scratches and marring), deliver superb sheeting – effects and possibilities to build up from transparent protective layers that provide an unparalel shine.
This N-XTC Sync. Quartz Coat 4D has gone over 3 years of development and tests and finds it’s heritage in Germany and Holland where rigorous field & labtests with many formulations have been done in end to find the best results in shine and protection for everyday cars, bikes and trucks that drive around the city and country in which these face all effects of a bright day, a dark night, sunshine, UV - radiation, IR – radiation, heavy rain, fogg, snow, ice, bugsquash, road – wear & grime etc…

The N-XTC Sync. Quartz Coat 4D is not developed to be the hardest coating on paint or not the one with the longest durability. It is developed specifically to protect and resist everyday use and wear that your car’s paint faces everyday all together in a well – balanced and safe to use formula that bonds to your paint and builds up to 8H of hardness in ca. 1 micron thick layers that can fill in micro scratches.

In everyday use you will notice your dirty car will be washed clean easier (bugs and waterspots will adhese less tot he paint and can be washed off fast and easy) because the coating is so flexible clean and nonstick by itself that oxidation will stick way less to the surface, especially in the summer with bugs and bees… The added hardness to the paint will make the paint tougher and with this protect against scratches that can occur.

These capabilities in combination with hybrid ingredients like organosilan and alkoxysiloxan and the correct education to apply make the N-XTC Sync. Quartz Coat 4D an excellent choice to protect your daily driver against all weather and environmental influences possible for a period of 36 months.


Item Number N_SC4D_70
Size 70ml
Packaging Bottle
Top Fast Dropper
Use per car (up to 100ml) Medium Car (VW Golf) 40ml, SUV / Van (BMX X5) up to 100ml
Durability 36 months
Shelf Life Unopened: 12 months
Base Product Mixture of Organoslian, Alkoxysiloxan
Scent No
Form Liquid
UV Protection Yes
Gloss Enhancing Yes
Waterspot Protection Yes
Hand Application Yes
Safe for Clear Coat Yes
Safe for light Colors Yes
Safe for dark Colors Yes
To be cured naturally Yes
To be cured with infrared dryer Yes
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