N-XTC ONE COAT 4D / 3D V2 (30ML)

N-XTC.com - N_ONE_30_V2, The N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 is a thin, flexible and semi - permanent liquid coating.

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N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 is a thin, flexible and semi - permanent liquid coating developed to protect and enhance painted surfaces on any experior finish of a car, truck or motorbike. ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 delivers superb hydrophobic capeabilities on beading and sheeting effects.

This N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 has gone over 2 years of development and finds its heritage in Germany and Holland where rigorous field & labtests have been done in end to find the best mixture of Hybrid Grade A ingredients among polymers and siloxanes that bring best results in protection, appearance and application on everyday cars, trucks and motorbikes that drive around in the city and country in which these face all effects of a bright day, a dark night, sunshine, UV radiatiion, IR radiation, heavy rain, fogg, snow, ice, bugsquash, road wear, grime etc… on their painted surfaces.

The N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 is not a “hard” coating, its especially engineered to give paint a super slick finish with a deep coloring effect (looks like a fresh applied carnauba wax) on where oxidation can hardly attach and with that perform superb on beading and sheeting effects on painted surfaces to protect and resist everyday use and wear that these (car) parts face everyday all together in a well – balanced and safe to use formula that bonds to any cars’, trucks’ and motorbikes’ painted surfaces.

Surface preperation
Before applying N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 notice;
- Read the product label and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and follow instructions.
- That any to apply surface is 100% clean (polished), degreased, rinsed and dried (microfiber towels and air).
  For a longlasting performance it is required that previous layers of silicons and petroleum are removed from the
- That the to apply surface gets cleansed with IPA (Isopropanolalcohol).
- That the temperature in the application room is between 15 – 25 C.
- That the humidity in the application room is below 50%.
- That the applictaion room is closed and free of dust and particles.

- Apply N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 part for part, apply with microfiber applicator in linear direction.
- When used N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 too sparingly there is risk that this coating will cure too soon,
  then it can create problems wiping this out with the 2 microfiber towels.
- For a hood / bonnet we advise to divide this  in 2 sections
- Wait 5 – 20 sec, wipe out with 2 clean microfiber towels,
  (initial curing time may vary due to local humidity, advised < 50%).

- When wiping down we advise to use a microfiber towel in 4 – fold (make sure labels are torn from towel).
- Then wipe down in same linear direction as applied. The taken rest – material in the towel’s fibers will help
   to create an “even” result.
- Always wipe after with a 2nd microfiber towel to ensure all rest – material is gone and a paralel shine can bond.

- Always use 2 lightsources to ensure shadows don’t influence the result by forgetting a section to apply
  or wipe down. Change from side often when using the 4 – fold towel method.

Don’t touch the applied N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 for 30 minutes, after 12 hours at 15 – 25 C the coating is stabilized. Then the car is ready to go on the streets (normal driving) End of curing time is reached after 7 days.

A 2nd layer for added gloss can be applied after 5 hours, note to apply the 2nd layer in contra – direction.
You can repeat the application as written in the above instruction.

After our own tests we can confirm that on a 2013 Opel Ampera the N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 in 2 layers holds up for 12 months minimum (dated 9 April 2021)

Please read the application instructions before use.

The N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 can be applied on top of the N-XTC Sync. Quartz 4D instead of the N-XTC Synthetic Sealant 3D. Benefits will be a much longer slick feel to the surface (12 months +) and an even deeper appearance . shine (especially on dark colors). Note correct curing times for this process, both for N-XTC Sync. Quartz 4D and N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2.

About use in paintshops
In general this is very well possible like wit hall “glasscoatings”. The surface can be sanded, prepped, cleaned and resprayed.

The N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 is after the 7 days of complete curing like a thin and even coat of gloss. This coating is chemically bonded to the surface. The N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 penetrates into the pores of the rubbers and plastics. Therefore with normal care it cannot be removed.

Mechanical removeability; in the basis is every mechanical attempt like polishing or sanding abrasive.
A finishing – polish will not be strong enough to remove the N-XTC Trim Coat N.S, some passes with a woolpad and a strong – cutting compound will take away this coating, if it will take off all of the coating will depend on how many layers were build up and for how long these have hardened. It can well be that several passes will be needed.

In case of spot repairs or paintjobs we advise to polish this coating with 1000 or 1500 grit. For any paintjob there is no need for fear that the new layer of paint will not adhese to the surface. N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D  is an additional transparent layer which is easy to remove with sanding and polishing. N-XTC ONE Coat 4D / 3D V2 contains no volatile silicones which can cause issues with adhesion.

Item Number                    N_ONE_30_V2
UPC                                                          -
Size                                                          30
Packaging                                             Bottle
Top                                                            Fast Dropper
Use per car                                           Medium Car (VW Golf) 30 ml
  Large Car (Audi A6) 40 ml
  Van (VW Transporter) 70 ml
Durability                                                   12 months / 50000 km
Shelf life                                                Unopend: 12 months
Work Instruction                                    Included
Certificate                                                  No
Microsuede / Microfiber Applicator                Available
Microsuede / Microfiber Towel  Available
Base Product                                       Mixture of Hydrocarbons and Siloxanes
Scent                                                        No
Form                                                          Liquid with low viscosity
UV Protection                                        Yes
Gloss Enhancing                                    Yes
Waterspot Protection                             Yes
Hand Application                                     Yes
Safe for clearcoat                                   Yes
Safe for light colors                               Yes
Safe for dark colors                                  Yes
To be cured naturally                                  Yes
To be cured with infrared dryer                 Yes
Maintenance 2 bucket car wash with mild shampoo (Chemical Guys GlossWorkz)
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